Lena Paul - For The Night (NFBusty/HD) - Flashbit

Lena Paul - For The Night (NFBusty/HD) - Flashbit

Pornstars: Lena Paul
Name video: For The Night
Date of Release: 2018
Porno Site:NFBusty
Genre: Milf, Big Tits, BBW, Big Dick, Striptease, Lingerie, Shower, Busty
Time: 00:18:01
Short description:Alex Legend is a high roller who has called in an expensive call girl. Lena Paul is everything Alex was hoping for as she struts in wearing a trench coat over her stunning lingerie. Her bra and thong are for looking but not for touching, as Alex soon learns when Lena teaches him to follow the rules with a slap to his hand.

She strips before him, unveiling huge tits and a plump ass before turning around. Sinking down into Alexs lap, Lena starts grinding her hips in a lap dance that leaves Alex rock hard and on a razors edge. Lena can feel just how she affects her big dick lover, and shes happy to make good on her teasing. Sinking to her knees, she unzips Alexs pants and relocates his dick into her mouth between her hot little lips.

Turning around once again, she resumes her grinding against Alexs crotch as he holds his dick steady. She rubs herself against him like a cat in heat, then changes the angle slightly so he can slide on in. Rocking her hips, she moves one foot up onto the chair to make it easier for her to glide up and down.

Relocating to the couch, Lena positions herself on her hands and knees so Alex can come up behind her and push himself balls deep inside. He strips as he fucks, working his way out his suit jacket and shirt as Lena moans her pleasure long and loud. When he finally leans over to drop kisses on Lenas neck and shoulders, his chest presses skin to skin to her back.

Rolling over, Lena reaches down to rub her clit as Alex reenters her. She lifts one leg high, creating an angle of penetration that hits all the right spots as Alex keeps up the pace for both of their pleasure. Alternating between kneading her tits and fondling her love button, Lena cums on a high-pitched squeal. Moments later, Alex pulls out to cover Lenas belly in a shower of jizz as he enjoys his own earth shattering climax.

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Quality: HD 720p
Video: AVC, 1280x720, (16:9), 23.98 Fps, 5449 Kbs
Format: mp4
Size: 728.76 Mb

Lena Paul - For The Night (NFBusty/HD) - Flashbit